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The Borgo - Hamlet

An ancient story

Il Borgo di Vescine was conceived and started life as a Watch Tower during the Longobard reign (7th to 9th century) in order to control the surrounding territory which included the important Towns of Radda in Chianti and Castellina.  Towards the end of the 8th century as the area became a free domain and as the practice of that era was the norm, a big surrounding wall partitioning was constructed as well as a second tower. The remains of these towers are partly visible in the walls as part of the structure that makes the borgo. Towards the end of 1000 AD and precisely the 25th of July 998, the Marquise Ugo, Founder of the Marquisate of Tuscany, to please the clergy, made a lavish donation to the Poggibonsi Monastery near by and within these donations many plots of land between radda and Castellina which presumably included Il Borgo di vescine. It's easy then to assume that it was the monks that practiced the traditional and rational agricultural customs, the ones that started to cultivate and plant the first vines, olives etc. Throughout the centuries, the little fortress grew with a few inhabitants and took shape in what became a fully functional village hamlet with families working the surrounding land. The villagers undertook the tiresome task of building the stone dry walls for cultivation, that as of today, are recognised by Unesco as world heritage and is of historical interest. We have first hand information from some familes and farmers that lived in the Borgo in the first half of the last century which has been unfortunately abandoned and left to ruin immediately after WW2.


These days, Signora Paladin along with her fanily and a supporting team of knowleadgeable staff, undertook a huge task to regain the spirit and soul to the Borgo. A romantic yet functional place where the agricultural lifestyle is the “set-piece” of Vescine. Inside the Borgo estate,  the Hotel Relais concept was born to give our guests the ultimate “feel” of Centuries past, offering a quality environment which will give our guests the magic sensation of “life in a Borgo Chiantigiano”

A medieval dinner

A “plunge” in the Borgo's magical past

A very special evening. Every week in our Piazza, we recreate the same dinner-party atmosphere that Vescine's old settlers created. It was the Borgo's celebration banquet where the locals used it as an aexcuse to have a feast, drink and laugh. We invite our guests to feel the same conviviality in the most charming and fascinating atmosphere where tables are adorned with flowers and plenty of fresh food is done on the spot in our  700 year old wood fire  oven. Pizza, bread and freshly cooked meals are done patiently in the oven and use only local stone ground flour and grains. A joyful occasion which can be enjoyed exclusively by large broups if booked in advance

Dinner in the olive grove

A daydream

Spoil yourselves with the most delightful meal you'll ever have: Candlelit dinner under the olive trees. Engage yourselves in natural Chianti surroundings just like days of old.

Wine tasting

The flavour of our land

In our Enoteca Wine bar, guests can appreciate a selection of the finest wines from vineyards that are lovingly curated and cared for by traditional Tuscan viticultural experts, following strict standards and criteria that has been handed down over the centuries. Our Wine tasting classes are also available from The Enoteca Wine bar where guests can learn and appreciate all the best vintages, and are supplemented with the finest choice meat cuts, cheeses and bruschettas. After the wine tasting experience, our guests can purchase wine that can be sent anywhere in the world via our international courier. Our Tuscan sommelier, will be happy to introduced you in this fantastic world.

Our cooking class

Ingredients from the land to the table

Master the secrets of the ancient Tuscan cuisine and enjoy yourself in the process. These are our coocking classes. Our chefs will guide you and direct you throughout the process and show you how to make the most succulent recipies. You will hand pick all the ingredients from the land that you will cook. From land to table.