Gourmet Experience Il Borgo Di Vèscine

Hotel in Radda in Chianti (Siena)

All you need to know the tastes, flavors and traditions of an ancient cuisine that the whole world appreciates and envies

Gourmet Experience

“A good meal is a great help to the conversation:

you can not think well, or love well, if you have not eaten well” (V. Wolf)

Chianti signifies lush green hills, ancient hamlets, delicious food and magnificent red wines. The first are the essence of the Borgo di Vescine and last our family passion. We are honoured to share with our guest all the things of which we love the most.


A courtesan dinner

Especially developed for all lovers of wine and food, this is a unique experience that will make you discover the authentic and traditional dishes that Tuscany has on offer. On our scenic restaurant terrace, our guests can taste the ancient recipes that the traditional Tuscan cuisine has to offer, done by our expert chefs. The herbs and spices from our very own vegetable garden, add to our typical Chianti dishes a delicate taste. Our unmissable grill, for barbecue lovers, is with locally sourced meat and season local vegetables. Inside the different areas of the village that is Borgo Di Vescine, our guests can create a culinary dream to suit their taste; you can savour the absolute “master queen of all Tuscan foods”: Her royal highness, The Fiorentina Steak. A delicious t-bone, from organic selected local breed, braised slowly to perfection on the wooden fire grill, according to the ancient Tuscan tradition. Or guests may request a “pizza experience” where the guests themselves can prepare and cook the best pizza, under the supervision of our very expert Pizzaioli chefs, with stone ground flour and organic ingredients, in the village’s 500 year old wood fire oven. Our chef can also prepare a traditional roast, slowly cooked in the oven in the main square of the Borgo, like the old farmer use to do. And for lovers of cultural activities and the historical side of the culinary experience, guests can experience the chef’s own “olive grove walk”. Where food lovers can learn directly from the Maestro all the culinary secrets, by walking amongst Olive Trees and taste the finest Chianti Classico red wine. An intimate exposure that is a truly unique way to understand the Tuscan territory and its rich historical food tradition. You can enjoy as well a romantic dinner on our spectacular terrace by the swimming pool. You can book the dinner at reception an our chef will be glad to offer you this fantastic experience.

The picnic

Have you ever wondered what a pic-nic in the Chianti hills feels like? Our chefs will lovingly prepare a basket with the best local produce. We will supply a rug and you have a choice from our many gorgeous spots where you can relax and enjoy sweeping views. Enjoy this romantic setting, breathing and living the Borgo’s stunning nature.

Price: on request

Located at Il Borgo di Vèscine

Wine Tasting

In our Enoteca Wine bar, guests can appreciate a selection of the finest wines from vineyards that are lovingly curated and cared for by traditional Tuscan viticultural experts, following strict standards and criteria that has been handed down over the centuries. Our Wine tasting classes are also available from The Enoteca Wine bar where guests can learn and appreciate all the best vintages, and are supplemented with the finest choice meat cuts, cheeses and bruschettas. After the wine tasting experience, our guests can purchase wine that can be sent anywhere in the world via our international courier. Marco, our Tuscan sommelier, will be happy to introduced you in this fantastic world.

tasting of 3 wines € 10 / pax

tasting of 3 and a selection of Tuscan delights € 18 / pax


Winery experience

Il Borgo di Vescine is located in the heart of the Chianti Classico region, one of the most famous in the world for wine production. We selected for you the most beautiful and old cellars and will be a pleasure for us to book a visit and tasting for you.

Located at Il Borgo di Vèscine

Cooking Class

Guests have the opportunity to learn and share some of the best recipes that the Tuscan tradition has to offer by doing a “one to one” cooking class with our expert Chef. During the lesson, guests learn to cook a typical Chianti dinner. All the herbs and vegetables will be pick directly from our gardens. The menu may vary according to availability of seasonal ingredients. After the cooking class has terminated, guests will get to enjoy the fruits of their labor at dinner!

€ 120/pp